We are a group of people convening in person and online to discuss our spiritual and ethical concerns. Our mission is to empower people to improve the quality of life for all creatures according to the Golden Rule by emphasizing Art and Nature in our lives.

We are non-dogmatic, tongue-in-cheek and dead-serious. We believe in humor, irony, whimsy, wit, edge, kindness, elegant complexity, soul, beauty, panarchy, panache – and we especially believe in our mission.

We focus on personal transformation, creative arts and culture, environmental stewardship, protection of the commons, food/health and local economies. All of our actions stem from humanitarian principles of the Ethic of Reciprocity. With Sublime Arts we aim to provide a glue for these actions as well as a spiritual home for those who yearn for a community or cosmology they resonate with.

Here one might find a like-minded community as well as spiritual or creative inspiration, discussion and useful information. We also hold regular meetings in the real world, like music salons, readings, film-viewings & art outings. Stay posted for future events on our site calendar.

We began another organization, VolkLibre!, specifically addressing the action part of our mission –¬†messaging.

We welcome those of any formal faith as well as agnostics and atheists, scientists, scholars, philosophers and those of heretofore unorganized or unformed existential notions. & don’t worry; we’re not interested in converting anyone.

Please be sure to click on the other tabs to get a better perspective and context of what it is we’re aiming for here. We welcome any questions, comments or suggestions.

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