Cosmic Intersection: A Loose and Evolving Manifesto of Experiment for Sublime Arts
While everything elsewhere is okay with us and quite possibly necessary over there but over here we champion a few things. Above all, deep wisdom.

Manifestation of the Sublime is La Duende.
Manifestation of the Sublime is material/matter.
Manifestation of the ethereal is embodiment.
Embodiment is Sublime, a love supreme.
Beauty of course. To venerate nature is to venerate beauty.
We’re interested in nuances of its idea, variations of beauty.
Materiality is ephemerality; finite being insists beauty, it insists a value.
Aesthetic is to value, to value is to love.
Aesthetic is love with a nose.
To deny beauty is to negate our natural self, our source of life, purpose.
Justice is securing embodiment.
Justice is love with legs.
Philosophy without action is virtually being.
There is no true being without doing.
Discernment, not judgment.
Nurturance, not discipline.
Penumbras and nuance.
Edge, not homogeneity.
Balance, not extremes.
Simultaneity, not always a binary.
If competition, good sportsmanship in holographic paradigm.
We acknowledge and celebrate fractals and self-similarity.
Space and stillness; necessary for manifestation of the Sublime.
We need new, relevant mythologies.
We challenge the individual to reconcile his or her own in/significance.
We challenge the individual to be true to his/her evoloving nature.
We challenge the individual to activate or instigate her/his purpose.
There is no authority outside of the self that is aligned with its purpose.
We challenge the individual to set his/her own mind program, not use default.
We challenge the individual to be true to his/her core perception of self.
We call the individual to operate with self within each moment and outside time.
There has never been a better moment than now.
We encourage the divine role of intuition – to know one’s self in relation to what surrounds it.
We encourage the divine role of will – to create one’s self.
Not intuition or reason but both intuition and reason.
Wisdom requires a balance of these. To identify beauty requires perception of balance.
All creation is “intelligent design” and should not infer an omnipotent, sentient entity consciously constructing matter. Isn’t evolution intelligent design?
Consider how we perceive/prefer.
We encourage the divine role of creating from a blank slate or free mind.
We encourage the divine role of humor.
Humor is a healthy response to living and dying. It is a zen – the existential intersection of subjective and objective.
There is a place for self-deprecating humor, absurdity, and the “cosmic giggle” of our human dilemmas.
Worship should only happen in the context that one is part of the object of worship.
Redefine growth in a moral context and honor the ephemeral nature of growth stages.
Consider where we are in terms of genesis.
Consider all is in flux. Transformation is divine movement. The h constant as it’s extrapolated.
Consider erasure & ephemera – ability to flow with the state of impermanence.
Intersection: time/space meeting is what we can agree upon.
Ephemeral, we breathe, we blink, and it’s over.
Intersection as anchor.
Meeting place, the synapse, as anchor.
Nuance of mind is no different than any system in nature.
Consider profound truth often comes from conflicting truth.
Contending with contradiction develops character.
“ego” – though necessary and useful – blocks creative flow/experience.
“creative flow-er”
Solve et coagula, et habebis magisterium – “Dissolve and bind and you will have the masterpiece”
“After-life” a red herring.
Every moment is eternal; the state or experience of perfection is continually accessible.
We like the “state of knowing” (Heraclitus).
We like the state of seeking.
We like the state of transformation.
The Sublime requires us to make space for it. Healing and creating will naturally occur when given the opportunity/correct environment.
Secrets hide in wind-blown trees. They are often best understood when not consciously apprehended.

We are as much what others perceive us to be as what we perceive in the mirror – that means our actions count in the summary, baby.
Place is our confirmation, the sensual world our affirmation.


We applaud: Action. Manifestation. Mutualism. Reciprocity.
Honoring self/god in selves/others, the projected self, the ulterior self. Co-creation. Mutualism. Symbiosis. Investigation to know one’s self – to know one’s desire, to create one’s definition of self. Love. Relationships to those around us, to objects animate and otherwise. There is no self without them, no progress, no purpose, no passion.


We despise: Domination. Subjugation. Proselytization. Dogma. Fundamentalism. Deceitful practice. Complacence. Exploitation of land, water, sky, airwaves, living creatures, galaxies, ideas, art. Capitalism run amok – irresponsible corporate interest that harm individuals, environment, communities, and culture. Lacking manners. Repression, sideways leaking, passive aggression. Meanness. Torture. Slavery. Abuse. Avarice.

But who’s to say…?

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