Sublime Arts has been serving our mission by various means including music and literary salons, video production, messaging via social networks (via VolkLibre), collaborating with other organizations for environmental awareness events, and the like.

We are particularly interested in culture-hacking with strategic messaging for moral and aesthetic injection/interruption/enhancement as our primary mission. To change the cultural paradigm from domination to one of wisdom, our vision for the future includes developing:

~PSA campaigns using billboards, ads, commercials, and other means designed to open minds, promote beauty, wisdom, and the golden rule, aimed to activate personal introspection and social change – e.g. quotes from thought leaders, literature, poetry, scientists, comedians, art that elevates, etc.

~ Educational programs like film screenings, panel discussions, and workshops, particularly in isolated areas and via ecumenical collaboration

~ Establish local Wisdom & Beauty Advisory Committees

~ Retreats and residencies for creative innovation and cultural contribution

~ Conferences to share information on peaceful, innovative activism

~Press and distribution plan for translations of wisdom teachings

~All suggestions welcome

We also plan to develop a network of partners to ensure legal protection of our rights.

Please join us as we build our organization to improve the quality of life for the people and creatures in the world around us.

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